Wednesday, March 7, 2012


    I saw my sister post a pic of her and I from last year and it reminded me that I never blogged about my time in San Diego last spring. It was fabulous! I was a temp nanny helping a family move back to SD, so I was able to be out there for about three weeks. During that time I was able to do lots of fun stuff. The best part was my sister and her hubby driving down to see me, the beach and the temple.
Me and Heather, at the San Diego Temple. We had a fun time together.

Heather and Brian, being cute. Wow, I just realized that this was the last time I saw them, almost a year ago, and before that, 18 months or so. Luckily we can Skype now!!

I borrowed her idea of taking pics from the "flowers" view of the temple.

Now, the beach!

I was so surprised that I had a great time in San Diego. I have not liked CA for a long time, but San Diego was great, not too hot, and that made all of the difference! Definitely need to go back again.