Saturday, January 26, 2013


Last year I wasn't that great at blogging all of my fun adventures. So, to catch up, here is last pictures.

I started making paper word beads. My sister Heather created them and I took over her etsy shop selling them. I also take care of Charlotte, she is a cutie!

                                 I went to Boston with friends...where everyone knows your name!

  For those of you who don't's against the law in New Jersey to pump your own gas. So, for my birthday last year my friend and I went to Newport, RI. That was the first time I pumped gasoline in a really long time.

             This pic is the Single Adult Memorial Day Picnic...what a day. We had to stay for 8 hours. The heat was making us miserable, but when you are in charge of the activity, you get to stay the entire time. Here we go, all of us, Me, Jolene, Belinda, Luis, Sara, Geovanny, Rilee.

 Charlotte was blessed to become a big sister to little Harper Rose. As you can see, Charlotte likes to play dress up with baby Harper.

  My friends and I went into NYC for the day and went to the chocolate restaurant Max Brenner. The above pic is of onion rings sprinkled with chili powder and cocoa, with Chocolate Ranch dip on the side. It tasted alright surprisingly!

    This was a really really hot summer July day in NYC. You can't tell because of all of the bright lights, but it was actually about 9 pm when this picture was taken. I was melting, as you can see. I think the temp was in the high 90s, and 100% humidity.

   My friend Jolene and I like to go to Liberty State Park and watch the sunset, it is a great way to relax and enjoy the moment. It is also nice to see the sun go down and see all of the lights go on in NYC.

   I LOVE sushi. I took a pic of this because it was so pretty. It was just as yummy as it looked too!

                I got a temp job in midtown NYC, and passed this lovely waterfall everyday. I would sit here before work sometimes and just enjoy the quiet moment in the city.

                                                                   Me at work!

                                 My friend Jolene at our ward's Trunk or Treat...all of the kids were so excited that we made homemade Root Beer. It was fun!

  Right after the trunk or treat, we had a little storm...Sandy. The trees above are just some of the many that were down. We lost power for 12 days, and the pic below shows how we were connected to a generator outside that allowed us to have water, power, heat, and a few other basics.

       The grocery stores looked like this after the storm...scary when all of the shelves are empty.

   We cheered when we saw power trucks, because we knew how hard the employees were working. It was amazing and exciting to see power trucks from other states all around NJ. Not that you can tell, but these trucks are from Utah.

  After the storm, the commute into NYC was challenging. Usually when taking the train, the conductors are very anal about not letting anyone block the walkways and stairs. However after the storm they were just trying to fit as many people onto the few working trains as they could. They didn't even bother to check for train tickets. So many people had free rides!