Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Live Music

   Ever since I can remember, there has always been music in my life. Growing up my parents had tons of records, my dad loved Billy Joel. Mom always had the radio on, especially when we had cleaning projects.  I remember dancing around the house to "Phantom of the Opera" with my sisters. As amazing as it is to listen to music at home, there is something about seeing live performances, they are just better, I wonder if its because you can feel the energy of the musician in the air, and the excitement of all of the people.

  I've always loved Ireland, and about four years ago a friend of mine introduced me to an Irish group, Celtic Thunder. They aren't really a group, more of a bunch of guys who each have their own style of singing and work together. Occasionally when they are not touring as a group,  they go around to smaller venues and preform individually. I love it! Back in March, one of the members came to Yonkers, NY and I was able to go see him. I was a bit nervous, because I went on my own. I had a blast!! I was fortunate enough to meet him after and he was lovely.

This was the view we mostly saw of Keith. He looked down most of the time. But he can play well.

                                                   His acoustic version of "Lauren & I"

                                              Keith channeling Garth Brooks' "Baton Rouge"

Me and Keith Harkin

Me and Barry. Barry also is with Celtic Thunder. He is the man who plays all sorts of instruments

                                                      Keith chatting with the audience

A week later I was able to attend the taping of Paul Byrom's PBS special with my friend Jolene. The tickets were an early birthday gift from my friend Amy.

The view from our box seats

Wow, my hair was really long

The stairs going to our seats were incredibly narrow and creepy to walk to