Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ring of Kerry

Hi Everyone!!

    Taking a rest after a long amazing day today! Thought I would try and show you my adventure from a few days before. I'm trying to catch up, but I end up way too tired at night when we get home from the days goings-on.  Monday morning we left Blarney village a bit late, close to noon, and decided to drive the "Ring of Kerry" on our way back to Ferns, where we were staying in a cottage. The Ring of Kerry is a bunch of amazing sites that are scattered throughout the County Kerry. We were only able to see about half, and even then, we didn't get to explore as much as we would have liked. However we were grateful to see what we did.
I loved this tree. It reminds me of faeries!

Amy didn't know I was taking her pic! She was staring at the waterfall.

Not that you can tell, but there were a million bugs buzzing around my head when we were trying to take pics.

We were driving and saw this from the road. How lucky are we!

I was so proud of myself for taking this pic. I was scared of where I was standing, so close to the edge, straight down the mountain.

Heather, I haven't seen any Leprechauns yet, but this one is for you!

We had to turn around and take this pic. As I was driving around this bend, he just popped out. Freaked me out!

Just before we grabbed the camera, the sheep had taken over the road so we couldn't cross.

That's all for now!

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