Saturday, June 29, 2013

Powers Court, Ireland

Hi Everyone!

  On Tuesday we went to Powers Court. It's an old estate that is beautiful inside and has fabulous gardens. It is also where they filmed outdoor scenes in "The Count of Monte Cristo". We were there for hours, just walking around. There was lots to do there, gardens, ponds, flowers, and wait...more flowers. There was even a pet cemetery.

I saw this and thought, "Juliet's tower"

Flowers up close

This reminded me of a heart

Hello Count of Monte Cristo

Ok, remember I mentioned a pet cemetery, well I was a bit morbid and took pictures. I was curious what people named their pets back in the day. The gravestones were very sweet. I also noticed that they started burying their pets in the early 1900's.


                                                     More flowers.                         

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  1. I was & still envious of your trip!!! How blessed you were for being able to go! Yay for you!!!! I loved a lot of the pictures of the flowers & stone structures. You have an eye for photography!